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Is the vaginal orgasm nothing more than a myth? And if so, why do we continue to debate it? For centuries, there has been much speculation as to how and whether a woman achieves an orgasm through penetration alone. Sigmund Freud even stigmatized the clitoral orgasm as being incomplete. What nonsense!

6 Myths About Anal Sex That Might Change Your Mind About It

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My best friend regularly obsesses about her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend, who was a "squirter," and therefore the real-life incarnate of many men's fantasy partner. Porn has encouraged men to believe that when they've truly rocked a woman's body, it starts doing an impression of the Bellagio Fountain in the second-to-last scene of Ocean's Eleven. The average woman, myself included, doesn't know whether squirting is real or fake beyond your standard urban legends, like, "Ashley's friend's ex's friend's aunt's babysitter's college roommate squirts," which does not count. So, like the installment in the classic girl's mystery series entitled Nancy Drew and the Case Of Projectile Vaginal Excretions , I sleuthed with the help of a number of experts in order to solve the mystery. In other words, an unverifiable legend. Female ejaculation is not uncommon in the average woman, says Kerner.

Here’s How to Have a Vaginal Orgasm

Feminist essay on women's sexuality, written by Anne Koedt, an American radical feminist, in and published in Book by the radical feminist Shulamith Firestone. Living in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, she met Ricki Abrams, a prostitute and a fellow expatriate.
The unknown is scary—and generally accompanied by a whole lot of urban legends. But the unknown is also exciting and often well worth the adventure. Here, we dispel six myths about anal sex so you can get on discovering the uncharted territory of your peach pit.

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