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Wrestling holds include a number of moves used by competitors to immobilize their opponents or lead to a submission. Also known as stretches or submission holds , these techniques are employed to weaken an opponent or to force him or her to submit , either vocally or by tapping out : slapping the mat, floor, or opponent with a free hand three times. Moves are listed under general categories whenever possible. Chokes, although not in general stress positions like the other stretches, are usually grouped with stretches as they serve the same tactical purposes.

The Dragon Sleeper Hold – A WWE Move That Works?

"Viking Guy" Uses "Sleeper Choke Hold" to Take Down Menacing Drunk Guy on L.A. Subway

Looks like Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez has gone from the embrace of Hollywood beauty Cameron Diaz into the sleeper hold of a former wrestling diva and Playboy centerfold. For the third time this month, A-Rod has been spotted with blond bombshell Torrie Wilson , this time in her hometown of Boise, Idaho, over the Christmas weekend. Wilson and A-Rod were seen working out in the same Boise gym, causing a stir and making local headlines, RadarOnline reports. Murad said he asked if he could take a photo, but A-Rod declined, saying, "I'm trying to keep a low profile. He said Rodriguez and Wilson didn't workout together, but left the together in a pickup truck.

Fantasy storylines superheroines, spy vs spy are also welcome. To submit your own, simply send your work to iamsleeperkid yahoo. It was all Lisa could do to hang on as Louise bucked, twisted, and thrown elbows to break free, but if she could hold her for ten seconds, she might be able to end this match. Samantha stood over her fallen opponent and was about to cover when a wave of convulsions overcame Monique and she flipped on her back.
Of the 40 beginning martial artists to sign the wall since the school relocated to its present location two years ago, every single one lists the rear-naked choke as their inaugural technique. The easiest thing to do is to wrap your arms around it. The choke — alternately known as the sleeper hold, the mata leon lion killer or by its proper but less romanticized word, strangulation — has become one of the most dramatic applications of suppressing aggression in modern popular culture.

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