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Two years ago, a 7-year-old girl named Charlotte wrote a letter to the toymaker Lego with a straightforward request. Charlotte, Lego acknowledged, had a point. Years before Charlotte sent her letter, Lego was already keenly focused on how girls perceived the brand. It was when the toymaker decided to gather global data about who buys Legos. What they found was startling. In the United States, roughly 90 percent of Lego sets being sold were intended for boys.

Boys and girls stars chosen for 31st Alabama-Mississippi All-Star Classic

Why Do Girls Like Dolls and Boys Like Toy Trucks? | Live Science

There has been an ongoing debate whether girls and boys should be allowed to play against each other in competitive sports. Some opponents of mixed-gender competitive sports say that girls and boys of the same age have different skill sets — and boys have physical advantage as they are usually taller and stronger. We want to know what you think. Vote and tell us in the comments section below your thoughts. I think boys and girls should go against each other.

Should girls play on boys' sports teams? Essay

Girls just want to play too Society believes that girls should not play a boy sport. Some argue than not allowing girls and boys to play on the same team promotes gender stereotypes among kids, while others claim that because of differences in body size and strength, boys and girls should not be on the same team. The debate that girls and boys should be playing on the same team has gone on for quite a while. Boys think girls cant do most of their physical activities.
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